Kinda Disappeared

I'm not sure where I've been lately.  I thought that I had posted something for Easter and just noticed that I never hit PUBLISH.

Little Bit and I have been out and about the past several months, including a quick weekend trip to St. Louis.

I've been so busy working on my stroke survivor blog that I have been kind of ignoring this one.  I apologize but hope you enjoy the shots.

I am working on a few other websites so stay tuned for announcements on those.  In the meantime, enjoy and have a great Friday!

This was one COLD morning in Stull Kansas.

Stull Kansas Cemetary. AKA the Gateway to Hell!

Stull Kansas Cemetary. AKA the Gateway to Hell!

Believe it or not, there is a train way down that track on the left side.

This Jeep always seems to be parked outside the donut shop.

There used to be more to this mural.

Somethings a miss here.

This cow was keeping an eye on us the whole time.

Not sure how "Safe" this road is.

I was a bit too close to this train. It freaked me out a bit when the wind and vibrations hit me.

A break to spend the night with Jimmy and a few thousand other Parrotheads.

Little Bit and me at Jimmy Buffett.

Little Bit and me at Jimmy Buffett.  Just looked at the previous pic.

Foggy morning.

The fam getting ready to tour the brewery

Here comes the Bud, here comes the Big Number One.

Who knew you could have your wedding reception at the Budweiser Brewery?

That Sun above the tower didn't show up in any other pics from the same spot.

Father's Day Morning with Little Bit

Great shot from Sunflower Park in DeSoto Kansas


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