Kaw Point Park

Okay, I'll admit, I'm not good at keeping up with this blog and that really doesn't do much for building a brand.

So Sunday, Little Bit and I went somewhere that I had no idea existed until I looked at Google Maps.  I wanted to try this place a few weeks ago but Little Bit chose Shawnee Mission Park instead.  This week, she didn't have a choice and it was worth it.

Kaw Point is where the Kaw and Missouri Rivers converge.  It is also known as a point where Lewis and Clark stopped for a while during their exploration to the Pacific Ocean.

Looking east, you see the skyline of Kansas City MO yet, the only sounds were heard were the geese flying around us and the occasional train leaving one of the many yards in the area.

Little Bit is also getting interested in Graffiti art and what the artists are able to do.  This started when she kept seeing trains painted as they passed by a crossing not far from our house.  To capture some shots, we drove to the West Bottoms for a bit.  One shot is of a train that was going through the area.  I hopped out of the truck and that horn was so loud that I actually ducked behind the truck afraid of what might happen.

Anyway, if all is clear tomorrow morning, we are headed out again, I just haven't figured out where yet.  Make it a great Friday!


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