Christmas Eve Morning

So, I didn't get out yesterday because it was overcast and raining and this morning was a train wreck because I stayed up way to late watching KC beat Denver.  Way to Go Poe!

Anyway, I woke up around 5:00am Christmas Eve morning.  The skies were clear and the temp was around 20 degrees.  Since my daughter said she wanted to go with me for some early morning pics, I woke her at 6:00am and gave her a chance to wake up before we left at 6:30.

We got to a park about 15 minutes away and waited a bit for the sun to rise.  The air was crisp but the skies were clear.  The bugger about the moment is that I forgot the "real" camera, my gloves and my phone didn't charge overnight leaving me with 17% battery; which I used to capture these moments.

We decided to take a little walk along the trails while we waited for the sun to come up a little further.  At one point, we heard the whistle of the southbound train and decided to watch.  For some reason, my 10 year old daughter seems to like planes, trains and "cool" automobiles.

As the sun rose further above the horizon, we decided to head back towards the open field.  That didn't seem to help much as a frozen fog was now developing.

We decided to leave the valley we were in and headed to higher ground.  That didn't seem to matter as visibility was now less than 10th a mile.  So we took some back roads and captured the follow picks.  I think that the fog actually did us a favor.


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