January 28 - February 25, 2018

Wow!  I didn't realize that it had been so long since the last post.  They say consistency is the key but I keep dropping the ball.

Just about every weekend it has been raining (freezing, sleeting or regular) or snowing, so Little Bit and I have had a hard time getting out.

A few weeks ago, we got out and drove about an hour south about 20 miles south of Ottawa, Kansas.  Man, that was a cold morning.  When it is below freezing, my leg really doesn't work well since the stroke in June. 

What I like about going out that far is that it is so quiet.  The only things we could hear were geese and the cows out in the fields.

This was the first shot of that day.

Just another road in the middle of nowhere.

Little Bit just being her.

Little Bit Hamming It Up Shot

Believe it or not, there are cows in that field.

Still not 100% sure why the barbed-wire ball of twine but it was well worth the shot.

You've gotta watch the video to appreciate it.
These next couple of pics were taken from my backyard.  I was tired and Little Bit wanted me to sleep in that morning.  Yeah, like that happened.  She got mad at me for 1) not sleeping in and then 2) for not waking her.  It was a no-win for me that day.

So.  Last weekend, we managed to get out on Sunday morning.  When we left, it was about 32 degrees and we dressed for it.  We drove to Stull Kansas where we discovered that it was about 15 degrees and froze our keesters off.

My reasoning for Stull was that I read somewhere that the Cemetary was a Gateway to Hell so I had to check it out.  Needless to say, I didn't tell Little Bit nor mom until later that day.  Funny, but no one seemed to mind.

First Shot of the Day

Little Bit playing with some new lenses that we got for Xmas

Some road just outside of Stull, Kansas

Little Bit Hamming It Up

We keep finding these churches with playground equipment. I feel that they can be somewhat creepy

Stull Cemetary

Anna Died about 150 years ago.
Looks like the weather will be good this weekend so should be out and about again.  Sunday, Little Bit has a gymnastics tourney so we may not get out that morning.

If there are any locations in and around the KC area we should consider, please leave a comment below.



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