March 3, 2018

Little Bit chose to sleep in yesterday and she has a gymnastics tourney in a few hours so I'm not going to wake her this morning.  Yesterday would have been a crystal clear morning but I woke her at 5:50 and she decided she wanted to sleep instead.  Turns out, she slept until almost 10:00am.

To give her a little boost, I may head over a pick up a donut or two, or a dozen, for breakfast from KC Donut.  Last weekend they had issues with their credit card reader but we do so much business there that the lady told us to stick around anyway.  As it turns out, the machine kicked back into service and everyone was a winner.

A few weeks earlier, we showed up at 10:30.  I'm guessing that they wanted to shut up shop so sold us about 2 dozen donuts for $10.  Needless to say, they didn't all get eaten but what a deal!

Mmmm, Donuts!
Have a good one and we'll see what next weekend has in store.


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